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Meet the Chubbys!

How the Chubblettes Came To Be…

It all started with two guys and a girl with tons of passion and big dreams. Ernie and Roger each had been in the restaurant business as active team members in leadership capacities for over twenty years – clearly they love the business! And they have an uncanny knack for serving and pleasing people. For over 15 years, Tracy has been leading team members in a variety of industries ranging from farming (live animal & food processing) to manufacturing, to restaurant and even amusement & entertainment. she has come to be known as a food mixologist with her appetite for Chubbalicious food – and a flare for throwing random ingredients together to create something scrumptious.

Chubby's American Grill - Toledo, OhioErnie’s first recollection of eating in a restaurant includes a vision of owning and operating his own place. He spent most of his adult life stopping at every empty building he drove by, envisioning how his dream would be lived out in that spot. These weren’t just local buildings either. Even on family vacation-whether traveling throughout the US, Canada and even Mexico, he would stop to look through the windows of empty buildings, drawing up layouts and a design in his mind of how his restaurant would be set up in that building. The other joys of his life, Saige, Isaiah, and Raynelyn would sit in the back seat and whisper to each other “hope Dad doesn’t see that empty building over there…..” followed up with Oh, Geez, here goes another hour before we get to the beach as soon as they felt the car start to slow down. As frustrating as the delays in planned events could sometimes be, Tracy loved seeing Ernie’s eyes light up with excitement during these moments and not only supported his vision, but shared it.

Roger began living out (he may not have known this at the time) his dream in the restaurant business under the guidance of Sam, Tommy, and the Ahmed family way back in his teenage years. This experience influenced the direction of Roger’s career in which he quickly rose to leadership levels, running and operating multiple facilities.

One of Ernie’s building gazing excursions led him to a location owned by the Ahmed Brothers. This was a local building and Ernie quickly took advantage of what he considered to be an opportunity thrown into his lap and made a phone call. Sam and Tommy immediately thought Roger and Ernie would be a dynamic duo and Tracy refused to be left behind and this is how the Chubblette’s came to be. These three were like 3 peas in a pod, instantly hitting it off and drawing up the same vision – serve great food at a reasonable price in an atmosphere that is friendly, fun, welcoming and inviting where guests don’t just WANT to come back they NEED to come back. They were brought together by fate and choose to grow together through a combined mix of similarities and differences that complement each other amazingly. These three are motivated, passionate and love what they do and we hope you do, too!

Be sure to watch online for their random Chubblette Challenges. They have to let out their competitive side somewhere.